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Collect the entire Monster War Series! Seazoria #25 Comet, The Ice Monster Title 2 **** Meet me, RAY TORRES III, at an MWS event near you! **** Welcome to the OFFICIAL website of The Monster War Series! Feel free to browse around and take notice, not just to the cheesy light teal font style, but to a few other things going on here at MWS. You can buy Comet, The Ice Monster and Seazoria at the top of the website through the menu links (where you can also read their synopsis), and also by clicking on the book covers a little bit above this article! From the top menu, you can also download your Kaiju Survival Guide. You're gonna need it, especially if you want to survive an imminent monster attack! Just above this article is where you can find where my next signings will be. Just below this article is where you can join my mailer. Simply enter your name and email, send your message, and you receive an exclusive TOP SECRET government file in regards to Capitol Hill knowing about the existence of giant monsters! At the very bottom of the site is where you can get more in depth information on the next upcoming pop culture event featuring The Monster War Series! And finally, War of the Monsters, book III in MWS, is set to release on May 18th, 2018! Be on the lookout for a pre-order right here in the next few weeks. A synopsis of War of the Monsters will also be available to read soon, as well as all the cool vintage style promos you'll get to see. There's a lot more you can do here on site, so take a few minutes to get familiar with MWS and let it become a part of your chaotic life! ~Ray

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Go above and beyond the books at the official Facebook page of The Monster War Series every Monday-Friday from 7pm-8pm!

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Celebrate B movies and all its glorious horror and gore at Grindhouse Studios on Facebook! Grindhouse Studios is where I write The Monster War Series, along with other future literary works, such as The Infamous Habanero Sisters!

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Catch live coverage during pop culture events featuring Ray Torres III and The Monster War Series, book signing dates, and booth locations!

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TOP SECRET FILE HERE! Join the MWS mailer, and declassify X-Alpha's "Red Zone" file! Top Secret 2

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--"Gotham City Comics Packs a Punch With MWS!"-- RT3 is always a fan favorite at Gotham City Comics & Collectibles and is rumored to return sometime later this year. It would probably be no surprise the venue would be added to the very thin roster of possible places to hold the launch for book III, War of the Monsters. Some say the launch is still to be Tempe Public Library, a well established powerhouse for the entire series. Others would venture to say Mesa Public Library, with respect to it's heavy presence last year for book signings and providing as a secondary location for 5 Days of Chaos. The book launch is just one possibility of when Ray will make his return. There's also Free Comic Book Day in May and Halloween Comic Fest in October. Stay tuned to 5 Days of Chaos on Facebook for the latest updates!