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19RAY TORRES III was born in El Paso, Texas on September 20th, 1977 and has been living in Phoenix, Arizona since 1978. He started writing in the 1980’s and majored in journalism at Arizona State University in 1995. Japanese giant monster movies, spaghetti western movies, and American grindhouse B movies inspired him to create The Monster War Series. His father Ramon “Monchis” Torres Jr., Japanese film director Ishiro Honda, and American film directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino are his biggest influences. Ray’s knowledge in World War II history and southwest desert landscape surroundings helped shape his stories into an ongoing series of continuous chaos.

The Japanese giant monster movie genre is Ray’s biggest inspiration, especially Godzilla, whose origin is sacred and terrifying, yet political, and its meaning in life is tragic and conflicting, yet indestructible, with the strength and power equivalent to a destructive force of nature. The purpose of the monster was to survive in a post-World War II society, a modern world still threatened by nuclear energy, which happened to be the life force of the beast. The purpose of The Monster War Series is to bring back the true reality within this type of society, now fueled by power, greed, and corruption. Who’s the real monster? The conflict is man vs. nature, and it all starts with Comet, The Ice Monster!