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Face the elements!!!


         Face your fears!!!


                                Face The Ice Monster!!!


Comet, The Ice Monster Title 2In the early winter of 1992, it is a time of chaos in the United States.  The lust for greed and power is fueling society due to a loss of trust in the people’s government, and conflict between the people and their government is imminent.  However, many countries, including the United States, are about to face a bigger situation that will require worldwide effort . . . global warming.  Due to ozone depletion in the north pole, the massive heat waves have made their way south to the state of Alaska.  The ice is melting and the glaciers are moving. Due to the massive disturbance of not only the surface, but deep down below, a giant serpent is awaken from its icy lair and unleashes itself to the world by breaking through Matanuska Glacier in Alaska. It makes its first sign of existence by causing a plane crash, killing an entire team of environmental expedition scientists. The government immediately assigns a rescue team to fly out to Alaska and investigate the wreckage for possible survivors.

The rescue team consists of four people, all with different backgrounds of expertise in various fields of science and national defense. They are Roger Kramer, an active officer in training to become a general with the United States Military, Jack Sell, ex-military officer now with the United States Research Center, Dr. Lisa Reynolds, archeologist and historian of the prehistoric age, and Dr. Ishiro Oyama, chief scientist of the USRC with his biggest strengths of study in geographical change and climate control. Together, these four individuals immediately fly out to answer the questions of mystery of the crash in an environment of unforgiving elements.

As the hours go by and the frustration begins to intensify with no results, the team manifests a feeling of doubt, a wild goose chase of a trip this was for them. With the elements now getting the best of them, survival becomes paramount to their success in this mission. Suddenly from within the plane, photos of the last surviving minutes are discovered, and a clue as to what went down now surfaces, in the form of unspeakable terror of monstrous proportions!

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