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A force to be reckoned with is not necessarily a force of nature.

It is an appreciation for the power and strength of one’s ability to inflict fear into the minds of many. The capability of causing such fear can only be achieved by a select few who stand out larger than life. They

are achievers and leaders who show the way to a brighter tomorrow. Once there is full support from their believers, they become manipulators and dictators; gods in their own right to be worshipped and feared by execution and example. No sooner than later, they become destroyers, overlooking their massive armies from mountaintops as far as the eye can see. With the ability to destroy their enemies with one swift shockwave, a blast of great magnitude, the great dictators see themselves as the destroyers of worlds. Chaos may be achieved, but this force can be stopped.

It is the life force that helps preserve the Earth and to maintain stability on the surface by way of change over billions of years. Although change is good, destruction is sometimes required to help build for a better tomorrow. The destruction is caused by entities created by the Earth itself, including tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanoes. These natural disasters are in no way, shape or form, good for the human race due to the unstoppable powers caused by the raging planet. The human race is, once again, reminded of just how small they are. With a terrifying beauty, these majestic wonders display their power with all their fury, reminding mankind these are the reasons why they are able to live on this planet. She created it. She can destroy it. She is Mother Nature. Chaos may be achieved, but this force will stop on its own.

The collision of both forces is an ongoing battle that has challenged the planet for centuries. Only once in the lifetime of the planet Earth will a great battle ensue, challenging both forces to an epic showdown of monstrous proportions. The ignorance of mankind, with all their super weapons and airborne chemicals, has finally caused Mother Nature’s own self preservation to spawn something horrifying. It is a force to be reckoned with. They are more powerful than any natural disaster. Their origins come all the way from the center depths of Earth’s core, to the very top of the frozen peaks in the northern and southern poles. They have no fear and have no boundaries. They roam freely over the Earth and destroy anything and everything in their paths. They are nothing more than sheer brute force. Chaos will be achieved, and worst of all . . . this force is indestructible!

Ancient serpents, mythical dragons, gargoyle beasts, and many alike, 400 feet tall and above, methodically walk the Earth to claim it for themselves in a world of today. From the Nuclear Arms Race in the 1950’s and global warming in the 1980’s to the present time, the battle of mankind and Mother Nature reaches new heights as radioactive monsters and prehistoric beasts declare war on the human race. In a chaotic America fueled by greed, power, and corruption, and neighboring countries protesting against the United States as a super power, internal conflict may be imminent. However, as the monsters close in on their destruction, the countries soon realize they have a common enemy, and in order to win the war, unity is the only way out! It is a Monster War! It’s not just a force of nature!