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Book II in The Monster War Series

It lives!

How much TERROR can you stand?

From the remnants of the Nuclear Arms Race!

Seazoria #25Seazoria is about an enormous dragon that wakes up from its long slumber underneath the ground in Nevada. Though it’s unknown how this dragon came about, it certainly makes for an interesting discovery. Its origin is mythical, but has a conflict of existing in a modern time affected by The Nuclear Arms Race.

It is near the end of 1992 and the rise of global warming awareness continues. The discovery of a depleting ozone layer has caused major concern to environmentalists globally and scientists from all around are gathering together to create solutions. However, the situation is more serious than they think, and they come to find out that even the greatest minds from all over are not enough to crack the case on how to control pollution and smog. It is now a time where new leaders must be born and special operations must be executed to provide protection and safety for a world foreseen to be vulnerable in the future.

Roger Kramer, now a General with The United States Military, returns to carry out his first promotional duty in a top secret mission under the watchful eyes of Secretary of Defense Mitch Bovain. The assignment is in Fort Lee, Virginia and along with his involvement two other individuals are assigned to help him who awaits his arrival. They are Major Mike Nelson, a high class ranked officer with The United States Military from El Paso, Texas, and Doctor Ross Wiley, an inventor of many mechanical devices and advanced biochemical weaponry. Both Nelson and Wiley are already stationed at Fort Lee and are aware of why they are there thanks to Captain Jeff Cooty, another high class ranked officer with The United States Military who is also stationed on base ready to present two files to General Kramer.

When Kramer arrives, Cooty sits everybody down for a meeting to inform Kramer why he’s at Fort Lee on such short notice. Kramer is handed two separate files from Cooty and is informed his two assignments are to be in charge of a 450 foot dragon robot named Cybrah and to handle a situation in Nevada dealing with the appearance of a giant dragon somewhere around near the same size in length as Cybrah. The dragon’s name is Seazoria and is believed to be from medieval times. It is also believed to be engulfed with radiation due to it appearing out of the detonation site of a nuclear blast in The Nevada Test Site. After much discussion, Kramer finally decides to use Cybrah to either kill Seazoria or lure it out of the country.

Doctor Wiley goes to an underground pit where Cybrah is stationed to ready it for takeoff. As he steps into an elevator to descend underground, a Hispanic man representing the Mexican Mafia immediately approaches Doctor Wiley and gives him a megachip, a device which gives Cybrah the ability to transform into a gladiator posture. The Hispanic man leaves and Doctor Wiley descends underground. Going further deeper than the robot’s stationary point, he descends to a dungeon where he is holding a young lady hostage for torture. Her name is Lola Gutierrez, aka Lovely Gruesome, an undercover FBI agent who has been tracking the megachip since it was sold to Doctor Wiley by the Mexican Mafia. Her mission is to intercept the megachip and take it to Washington DC in an attempt to turn Doctor Wiley in for having international affairs with the Mexican Mafia. She is not to escape the dungeon. After a sinister torture session with Lola, Doctor Wiley returns to the robot to install the megachip.

Back at headquarters, word is received from The Nevada Test Site that Seazoria is showing signs of waking up. General Kramer and Major Nelson order a strike against the dragon and immediately head for the pit, where Doctor Wiley confirms Cybrah ready for launch. He keeps General Kramer and Major Nelson at level of the robot. Nobody is aware of Lola’s existence in the underground dungeon. Once all systems are go, Cybrah launches and heads for The Nevada Test Site, where possibly the biggest showdown of all time may take place between today’s technology and yesterday’s power.

It’s out of control chaos and conspiracy as General Roger Kramer leads his new squad into the true horror of post Nuclear Arms Race!


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